Quickly Explained Genesis.json File in Ethereum Blockchain

quickly explained genesis json file in ethereum blockchain


Quickly Explained Genesis.json File in Ethereum Blockchain

We have a lot of key values pairs I’ll explain the most important ones.


  • 256-bit Hash
  • Sufficient amount of computation is carried out on block
  • Combined with nonce it proves that the proof of work is done


  • 64-bit Hash
  • Hash that proves a certain amount of blocks have been mined


  • A scalar value
  • Difficulty level of a block
  • Can be calculated from previous block’s difficulty level
  • The higher the difficulty the harder to mined the block


  • Its’ an address – 160-bit
  • Sets in Miner
  • Miner will override it


  • Scalar value
  • Verify the order of blocks
  • Increase or decrease the difficulty level


  • 256-bit hash
  • Complete hash of parent including nonce and mixHash
  • Points to Parent block
  • Zero only in the genesis block


  • Scalar value
  • Equals to the current limit of the expenditure per block
  • Number that stops too complex contracts from executing

Where the rest?

Because they are also alloc (Pre allocate accounts with ether) and “Extra Data” fields and many more but these are not really important for the genesis block.

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