USB Communication using Android Accessory Kit

android usb communication
Android USB Communication


USB Communication using Android Accessory Kit


Open your Android Studio – create a new project and follow the instructions below.


Open AndroidManifest.xml file from yourapp/app/src/main/ and add android.hardware.usb.accessory feature

Add intent-filter in your <activity> tag having following code.

Create a folder xml  in yourapp/app/src/main/res/ add a new resource name  "accessory_filter"  in your xml and put the following code in it.

Now create two new JAVA classes inside yourapp/app/src/main/java/  called & and copy following code in it.

Now navigate to your content_main.xml or activity_main.xml  and add a Toggle Button

Open  class and add a listener to that Toggle Button

Now call USBAccessoryManager  from MainActivity

Implement handler in the

Add getFirmwareProtocol()  method

Now send byte code to Android Accessory by adding following code in your Toggle Button Listener.

Finally override onStart()  and onResume()

Connect your Android with Android Accessory Development kit and allow USB connection you will see a toast message saying “Accessory Connected”. Congrats 🙂

Now click on Toggle LED button on your MAIN Activity, Boooom LED 1 on your Accessory kit will lighten up.

Now try pressing PUSH button on your Accessory kit you will see a toast message on your app saying “Push Button Pressed”.

That’s it, Let me know if you guys have any question or difficulty in the comment section below.

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