Develop Your First Android App using Android Studio

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Develop Your First Android App using Android Studio

A very basic tutorial of how you can create your first Android Hello World Application using Android Studio.

You need some tools for creating a development environment. I prefer Android studio as a best choice. Download Android Studio using this link. Once you have downloaded, follow this video tutorial to install it correctly on you windows. After installing lets have some fun now.

Open your Android Studio and click on File and create your new project. We have two parts, Design and Development. On this location  MyfirstApp/app/src/main/java/ you has all the development code, classes and this location  MyfirstApp/app/src/main/res/ has the design implementation.

Now go to MyfirstApp/app/src/main/res/activity_main and add these lines of code.

This code will add a new Button in your layout with the name “Hello World”.

Now go to MyfirstApp/app/src/main/java/  and add the following code.

In this set of code we are actually connecting the button from its id & add a click listener which instantiate when we click on a button and show a toast message.

Now Just click on the run button and add emulator or run it on your real android device, when you click on the button “Hello World” it will show a toast message.

Cheers you have successfully developed your first Android Application.

I am a Sr. Android App, Web Developer & Blockchain Developer having 5 plus years of extensive hands-on experience in Object Oriented Programming, Database Design and Implementation using Agile & UML. Pro in Yii2 PHP Framework, Android App Development, MYSQL & a Blockchain development.

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